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Travel and Aviation

Plane: The fastest but also the cheapest, it takes at least 800 euros for a Paris / Beijing or Paris / Shanghai and 10 hours for a direct flight. The cheapest airlines are Air France, Lufthansa or British Airways.

China can count on 4 international airports, from which you can go to the rest of the country, either by train or by internal flights. These 4 airports are Hong Qiao, Beijing, Hong Kong and Shanghai.

Student housing

University accommodation in universities in China is today an excellent standard, and have all the necessary facilities, kitchen, bathroom, single rooms, double rooms, internet access included or inexpensive … You can often express your preference for the nationality of the roommates with whom you share the common rooms.

Prices vary between 90 euros to 500 euros per month depending on the university, city, and options chosen, so it is difficult to average. It should be known that the big cities of China offer roughly prices similar to the big European cities, at least for housing.

To obtain accommodation through the university, you must contact the university from the admission letter received to guarantee a place, the demand is often higher than the offer.

The university also offers hotels or residences in partnership that host students at great prices and offer an interesting alternative for students who do not want to live in student residences, or who have started to take steps to obtain university housing too later.

Student job

300 – 400 euros, it is the norm in China for the students of bac +3 level. Attention, there is no legal minimum wage, so you can very well not be paid but only compensated in “nature” (cover costs on the spot), see even in some cases work without compensation (as in France, where it is not uncommon to receive nothing during an internship).

Enroll in Chinese universities

Students wishing to enroll in universities in China have two complementary solutions. The first way, which is recommended for your convenience, is to go through the CUCAS system, which allows you to register online at 6 different universities while being guided step by step.
The second solution is simply to send a file through our organization to the partner universities to which you wish to apply.
In any case, the records will have to be sent between December and January of the previous year to be on time.

Student health

Any student wishing to study in China must be covered by health insurance, in order to avoid any unforeseen events. Although hospitalization costs are much lower in China, foreign students are required to be covered by health insurance that will pay for health costs.

Be aware that Chinese health insurance is also available to foreign students, for a sum of 600 to 900 RMB per semester of study, which represents an average of 90 euros. They cover you up to 4000 RMB on average in case of hospitalization, but difficult to ensure their seriousness. It is better to take a private insurance offered by us which you know perfectly the terms of the contract, even more if you do not master the Chinese.

The Visa

The Visa-X and Visa-F are similar in the rights granted on the spot, except the legal duration of the stay. Thus, the Visa-X is intended for all students who are studying at least one full academic year in China, whereas the Visa-F will be more suitable for students attending only one semester, or following Chinese language courses in a training organization. language. They are also valid for students wishing to do an internship in a Chinese company.

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