Gender equality

GDA promotes gender equality and works to ensure equal educational opportunities for girls and boys.

GDA is mobilizing partners to put gender equality at the heart of education systems, so that all girls and boys have the chance to learn and thrive.

The education of young girls is an essential element of their access to economic autonomy and their emancipation.

132 million girls worldwide are out of school (2016). This includes 34.3 million girls of primary school age, 30 million of lower secondary school age and 67.4 million of upper secondary school age.

Quality of teaching

Teachers are one of the pillars of education systems. Our Vocation is to help developing countries improve the quality of education by ensuring that teachers are qualified, motivated and well supported.

It is worrying that large numbers of teachers lack the knowledge and pedagogical skills required to teach effectively, which ultimately affects children’s learning.

ICT for education

Digital technologies are an integral part of today’s learning process. Our vocation is to help initiatives and share digital resources in order to modernize education and training.

  • Mieux utiliser la technologie numérique pour l’enseignement et l’apprentissage;
  • Développer les compétences et aptitudes numériques pertinentes pour la transformation numérique;

Student mobility & internationalization of the labor market

in a globalized economy, a country’s competitiveness depends largely on the skills of its workforce. One of the goals of higher education is therefore to develop the skills of students, so that they can meet the growing demand for highly skilled workers.

The period of mobility studies is also conducive to the acquisition of multicultural skills.

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