SILK Road Mobility

The Silk Road, was the main commercial artery of many countries and peoples, was at the same time the way of cooperation, mutual interpenetration and enrichment of different cultures.
It is logical to draw inspiration from this phenomenon of human civilization to develop our program.
Acquiring international experience has become a top priority for young people leaving school.
The goal is to promote the mobility of students in socio-professional integration.
Do a year of study, an internship or a volunteer in another country.
This goal will be advanced by expanding access to educational opportunities, facilitating student life, fostering intercultural understanding and educational exchange, and strengthening relationships between students of all nationalities and the global academic community.

Exchange of study programs

Encouraging teacher mobility allows the exchange of knowledge and teaching techniques through partner universities. It encourages short intensive stays of a few days up to three months.

This program links university relationships, compares and brings together the higher education systems of participating universities through a network of international relations offices.

Student exchange

Promote mobility Africa Asia students, promote the establishment of comparable university programs, ensure the recognition of teaching modules pursued abroad ….

Go abroad yes, but leave alone no!.
Many students feel the urge to explore other cultures but leaving alone, on their own, can sometimes be difficult. Know all the steps to take, complete all registration formalities in foreign faculties, find accommodation, international health insurance, ensure that the diploma prepared is recognized … all these steps can quickly be discouraging!

  • Shorter administrative procedures,
  • Lower registration fee
  • Equivalence of diplomas insured
  • Access to scholarships is facilitated
  • Linguistic preparation
  • Organization of the trip
  • Obtaining a visa
  • accompaniment during the mission
  • Travel insurance
  • Itinerary and transportation tickets
  • international health form
  • international bank withdrawal card
  • Get more discounts and deals for students
  • Access services and facilities for students abroad
  • International Youth Travel Card


partnership between research centers

Scientific cooperation between universities is aimed at the emergence of high-level projects that combine basic and applied research. The actions are: to support the development of African countries by supporting the valorisation of research results, and, secondly, to contribute to the formation of skills “to and through” research, through the implementation of mobility resources for African researchers, lecturers and PhD students.

  • Innovative project support.
  • Networking.
  • Search for partners, identification of funding sources, calls for projects, technical expertise ….
  • Promotion and communication of projects.

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